Meet the Partners in Greece

Meet the Partners in Greece

Q1. Can you please introduce Anglia Athens to our partners around the world? 

The partnership of Anglia Examinations with our exam centre in Athens is something truly promising in the field of examinations in Greece and education in general. The innovative and unique formation of the test, makes it appealing to any possible partner. We are referring to a type of assessment that obtains a spherical perspective, which allows the candidates to be examined in an utterly efficient way.

Q2. Name 2-3 good reasons why a partnership with Anglia Examinations is good?

Having a partnership is beneficial and auspicious for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is the only certificate in our country that examines its candidates with the level of Masters. Secondly, there is a significant flexibility regarding the results of the examination, as there is the option of Fast Track and E-Certificates. Thirdly, the material provided by the headquarters in England is efficient and boosts the process of examination.

Q3. How has the pandemic impacted the English Language ecosystem? Is the outlook positive? 

The pandemic has impacted the English Language ecosystem to a great extent, especially here in Greece. The initial halt of the examinations caused a great disruption in the majority of exam centres as the number of candidates doubled and the waiting was exhausting for the students. However, despite the hardships that the ecosystem experienced, we maintain an optimistic attitude and we are hoping that things will be completely restored in a small time period.

Q4. Random Question – If you could bring something extinct (thing or person) back to life, what would you choose and why?

Having the opportunity to revive something or someone extinct has never crossed my mind. However, given the fact that it is possible, I think I would choose to bring back to life a well-known scientist. In this way, he or she could see the progress that humanity has made and simultaneously provide us with some extra information or breakthroughs, using the state-of-the-art equipment available.

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